Should you allow schoolies to rent your property? A lot of people don't allow anybody to rent their property during the schoolies period in case they are schoolies. Others take advantage of this and increase the tariff during the schoolies period and find it quite profitable.

If you are going to make your property available to schoolies there are a few precautions you can take that may prevent the experience turning into a disaster!

  • Review the applicants - speak to the person personally rather than dealing with them via email. Ask questions that will give you an idea of their ability to look after your property. Most schoolies will have a facebook page - jump online and checkout their page. If you find multiple pictures of them rolling around drunk then maybe they are not the tenants for you!
  • Charge a large bond - most kids don't have a lot of money and will have to borrow the bond off their parents. Most kids don't want to have to explain to the parents why they are not going to get their money back!
  • Ask the contact details of parents - this is especially relevant if there are kids under 18 staying and also gives you a point of contact if something goes wrong.

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