Adding value

There are many things you can do that are relatively cheap to implement that will differentiate your property from the one down the road that may make the difference when somebody is deciding which property to rent.

Here are some examples of things you can do:

Books - providing a small library of books that guest can read while they stay or swap one of their books for is a great way of creating a relaxing and homely environment.

Sporting goods - parents don't want to have to take the cricket bat, football, soccer ball, Frisbee etc with them on their holiday so it is a big bonus if that sort of equipment is provided.  Eggaz Sports is a good place to get started when looking for equipment. They offer a "holiday house pack" which includes a number of commonly requested items for holiday rentals.  The team at Eggaz Sports are happy to create a package that suits your circumstance. For example, if you have an open grass area you might want to include a soccer ball and pop-up goals, if you are targeting golfers you might want to include a golf hitting net or chipping net. Contact the team at Eggaz sports This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Packages - Speak to the local tourist attractions about what deals they can do for your guests. Quite often you may find that they will be willing to provide you with cheaper tickets to their facility in return for you including the details of the attraction on your website. You can then package the tickets up with the accommodation.

Portacot - If your property is baby friendly, the addition of a portacot can be a big drawcard for people travelling with their baby.



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