Linen, bedding and towels

The majority of holiday rentals provide doonas, blankets and pillows (2 per person), but should you also provide linen and towels?

Providing linen and towels is a big drawcard for people coming from overseas or interstate that don't have the space to carry it with them. It can also attract people who are looking for a quick weekend away and don't want to worry about taking sheets and towels. As a result of providing linen and towels you may be able to charge a higher tariff for the convenience.

The drawbacks on providing linen and towels are that you need to buy at least two sets of everything, have somewhere (preferable a lockable cupboard on site) to store the spare linen and towels, wash the sheets and towels after each stay and remake the beds. If you are not doing the cleaning yourself there will be an extra charge from the cleaners for making the beds and you will be charged for washing of the linen and towels.

You may wish to offer linen and towels to guests at an extra cost on top of the accommodation tariff. If you do this you will need to be prepared to visit the house and make the beds and put towels out at short notice or engage a company to supply the linen and towels and make the beds when required.

If you do decide to provide towels and linen it is expected that you will provide the following:

  • Doona covers
  • Fitted sheets
  • Top sheets
  • Pillow cases
  • Bath towels
  • Bath mats
  • Face washers
  • Hand towels
  • Tea towels

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