The decision as to whether you should allow pets (usually dogs) to stay at your holiday rental is both a personal and pragmatic decision.

If you don't want dogs in your backyard or house don't allow them.

If you don't have a securely fenced property that can contain a dog, don't allow them.

If however your property  is securely fenced and you don't mind having dogs in your house then it can be a great way of attracting additional people to your property.

If you do advertise your property as "pet friendly" it is worth advising potential guests of what the conditions are. For example; 'you must clean up after your dog', 'animals are not allowed in the bedrooms or on the furniture', 'the side fence is only 1 metre high so may not be suitable for larger dogs' etc.

There are a number of holiday rental websites dedicated to pet friendly accommodation that may be worth looking at. Be aware though, a number of the sites require a set of conditions to be met before you are able to list with them such as the inclusion of animal bedding.

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