If you use an agent then they will take care of getting the keys to the property to your guests. If you are managing the property yourself then you need to decide on a process for the guests obtaining the keys. There are a number of options:

  • If you live near the property you can provide a meet and great service where you hand over the keys.
  • You can make friends with the neighbours (which is an excellent idea anyway) and ask them to be the key pickup point. This option is not very practical in most cases.
  • Mail the keys to guests via registered post. This option is not practical for last minute or overseas guests.
  • Attach a secure lock box to your house. The code to the lock box is only provided to guests once the final payment has been received. This option is probably the most practical but remember to change the code regularly on the lock box!

If you do live some distance from your property you may want to think about a backup plan in case your guests lose the keys. Whether it is a spare set hidden somewhere on the property or left with a neighbour, it can save a lot of troubles if you have planned for this scenario.

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