Agent or Self Managed

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One of the first decisions you will need to make as you embark on your quest to rent your property as a holiday rental is whether you are going to use an agent to manage the property or do it yourself.

There are pros and cons to each option. Here are some of the things you should think about before making the decision:

Agent Managed Pros:

  • The agent should know the local market well so will be able to advise on things like the tariff to charge.
  • The agent will take care of bookings, cleaning and maintenance.
  • The agent should have processes in place for vetting potential guests (including schoolies).
  • You don't have to do any of the day to day running of your holiday rental. The agent will handle all of the money coming in and will regularly deposit your remuneration into your bank account.

Agent Managed Cons:

  • $$$$. The agent charges for all of the services they provide. You can quite quickly see up to 30% of your income disappearing in agent fees.
  • The agent manages multiple properties so has a duty to promote all properties not just yours.
  • The agent manages multiple properties and may not pay as much attention to detail as you would when inspections are conducted.

Self Managed Pros:

  • You get to choose who stays at your property.
  • You don't lose a significant portion of your income in agent fees.
  • You get to choose how your property is advertised.
  • You can ensure that the property is in good condition for the next tenants.

Self Managed Cons:

  • It takes time! You need to have the time available to advertise the property, answer the enquiries, collect money, return bonds, organise cleaners or clean the property yourself, inspect the property after each tenant, manage the maintenance (even if you are on holidays yourself and the hot water system breaks).
  • You don't have the support of an agent when setting up the property or deciding on tariffs.


If you decide to go down the self managed path, this website should be a great resource in assisting you. If you would like some assistance in getting your property ready, and you are located within Victoria (at this stage) we offer a holiday rental assessment service which will assist you in all aspects of preparing and managing your property. Please click here to view details of the service.